A pilot recruitment solution

  • Reducing the uncertainty, risk and cost connected to recruiting newly qualified pilots by providing an innovative alternative to your current pilot resourcing methods.
  • Providing you with the very best graduates to suit your specific needs, with the flexibility to tailor our training to your specific requirements.
  • Monitoring and assessing students through their training, using standardised assessment criteria and record keeping leading to a complete training record.
  • Funnelling trainees through a standard, high quality final training stage to offer high calibre and suitable candidates to the airlines.  The candidates will be selected based on their:
    • Training record
    • Motivation
    • Maturity
    • Personality.
  • All members of the Wings Alliance will be specialists in their field with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality training.
  • A high quality programme that includes assessment and selection so we can assure the quality of the graduates we recommend.

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