Programme costs and finance

We have worked hard to make this programme accessible. It’s much better value than equivalent training options, and we have an innovative financial model that makes it more accessible still. The way we do this is to ask your future employer to pay for your training; that’s nice isn’t it?

So, how do we manage that when we don’t necessarily know before you start training who you will be working for? We’ll try and keep this simple, but here goes with an explanation of how it works.

During training, a company associated with the Wings Alliance will pay for your training (“the Sponsor Company”). It will procure from the training providers the training that you choose. Clearly, the sponsor company is at risk of you not completing the training, so it will ask you to deposit a security bond or loan with the company; you’ll get this back eventually as we’ll explain below.

When you have completed your training and get an offer from an employer, the sponsor company will charge them for your training and, at the same time, will transfer to them your bond.

Michael Windsor

First Officer, Thomas Cook

I really feel the Wings Alliance APC course helped me secure my job with Thomas Cook. My total training cost was approx. £45,000.

During the first few years of your employment, in addition to receiving a salary from your employer, they will return to you a little of your bond each month as they amortise the cost of your training, until it is all paid off.

Does it always work out like this?
Yes, if you complete the training and take employment with an airline who cooperate with the scheme. There are other arrangements if you don’t, which are described in more detail in funding and finance guide.

How do I raise the bond money?
If you are in the UK, we can put you in touch with a partner who can help raising the finance. We also have more information in the funding and finance guide about options which may be open to you.

How much money do I need?
This depends a little on your training options, but the basic bond is £56,000 (about €65.000).

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