Multi Crew Training

If you have already completed your commercial pilot training with Wings Alliance Members and are ready for the next step, then you need to complete a Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course before your first multi-pilot type rating. You have a choice of a basic MCC course or an Airline Pilot Standard MCC course (APS-MCC). What’s the difference? Well the minimum regulatory requirement is a basic MCC course consisting of some theory training in multi-crew concepts and 20 hours of simulator training, usually shared with one partner.

Basic MCC courses are cheap, but are not regarded by most airlines as adequate preparation for a first type rating. Therefore, the industry pressurised EASA for a new standard, which is the APS-MCC and increasingly are giving preference to APS-MCC trained candidates. The APS-MCC involves double the practical training of the basic MCC and has additional theory training requirements.

Our APS-MCC was designed with advice from the Chair of the EASA working party and launched before even the regulation was released. It goes further than the regulatory requirements, as we have incorporated advanced training in what is expected of a first officer and preparation for airline selection. The whole programme involves these steps:

  1. Application screening
  2. Selection
  3. Initial APS-MCC classroom training
  4. APS-MCC Simulator training
  5. Advanced pilot non-technical classroom training
  6. Airline interview preparation

We use more advanced simulators than are required by the regulations, and our course is delivered by our team of current airline trainers.

The whole cost of the programme is £7500 which compares very favorably with similar courses offered by L3 and Kura.

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If, however, all you need is a basic MCC course, we can help. Just because it is a basic course, does not mean it has to be delivered to a poor standard. Our basic MCC course shares the initial theory training with the APS-MCC course and the simulator training is delivered by the same team of trainers in the same simulators as the APS-MCC.

The cost of the basic MCC course is £3900.

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