The Flexi-Programme

Sometimes a ‘standard’ programme just does not suit your circumstances. This is why we invented the flexi-programme. The idea is simple; to create a bespoke flight and theory training package to suit your individual needs, while retaining the benefits of a managed programme. It is unique, and very popular!

The flexi-programme has only 3 standard features:

  • Just with all our other programme, you will need to pass our selection;
  • The training must lead to the issue of an EASA CPL/IR with a multi-engine piston class rating and ATPL theory credits; and
  • You must pass our APS-MCC course.

Other than those constraints, anything goes!

The way this works is you provide us with information about what if any flight training you have completed already and, following your selection, our training advisor will sit down with you, or contact you by skype/phone or another method, to discuss what your priorities and preferences are. The aim is for you to agree a detailed training plan showing which schools you will train with and when. The plan will be costed and tested against reality, before you and the training advisor both sign off on it.

We would prefer you to train with our member schools, because the quality and service is known to us. However, if you want or need to train with school(s) who are not members, that’s OK as long as the APS-MCC is with Wings Alliance.

When the plan is agreed, we will contact your chosen schools and ask for their cooperation in reporting on your progress and performance every two weeks while you are training with them, and completing an end of training phase report. The credibility and completeness of your training records are important to future employers, as we need to be able to demonstrate to them, with evidence, that strong recommendations from us are justified.

PPL training, ATPL theory and hours building can all be part or full-time, but we recommend that you bite the bullet when you do your CPL/ME/IR course and do that on a full-time basis. After that there are only 3 weeks training with us before you are applying for your first commercial pilot job!

The journey starts with your application then selection.