Why register for the Mentored Training Programme?

The Mentored Training Programme is designed to guide trainee pilots through the labyrinth of flight training and help them achieve their career goals.  We make no charge for the service.

  • Advice.  One of our training advisors will discuss with you your goals, the training options available to you, costs and funding options. Our advice is impartial; we are a not-for-profit company and receive no commissions for introductions to schools. We’ll discuss with you the implications of your choices and the benefits of pilot aptitude and career testing prior to training.
  • Finance. We are not qualified or authorised to provide advice on financial products, but we can point you in the direction of those who are.  Again, we derive no benefit from this service which is yours to take or leave as you wish.
  • Introductions.  If you register on the Mentored Training Programme, we will introduce you to your chosen schools. Your training contract will be direct with the school, and your training fees will be payable directly to the school.
  • Mentoring.  While you are training, your school(s) will provide us with regular and end of course reports.  We’ll be available to support you and discuss any problems that you are encountering and we’ll keep an eye on your progress.
  • Graduation.  When you complete your training we’ll supply you with an end-of training report summarising the licence training that you have undertaken.  If you wish to go onto apply for the Airline Pilot Certificate course there is a simplified application process.

If you would like to apply/register for the Mentored Training Programme, without obligation, please complete the form below and then create your profile.

If you have already completed your CPL/IR with Wings Alliance schools, please see the Airline Pilot Certificate course instead.