The benefits of training through the modular route have already been explained. However, integrated training also offers some advantages, although it is more expensive. The purpose of the Wings Alliance is to offer you all the advantages of integrated training while retaining the advantages of the modular route. To recap, the advantages of each route are as follows:


  • employment opportunities
  • all training with one organisation


  • reduced costs
  • flexibility
  • spread costs
  • a wide choice of schools
  • the ability to continue working for at least part of your training

Needless to say, Wings Alliance offers the advantages of both routes. More than that, although we have the same high outputs standards that employers are looking for and will only recommend to partner airlines those graduates who meet the standards that the airlines are looking for, we believe in making the career equally accessible to all. So, rather than having pass/fail selection up-front, we will inform you of how your are perceived and what to do to ensure that you are, by the time you graduate, the ‘right stuff’ that the airlines are looking for. We will nurture and develop in you the personal and professional attributes that our Partner Airlines are looking for in new recruits. We aim to do this throughout your training. Successful graduates will be recommended to Partner Airlines.

For the first time ever there is a modular alternative – The Wings Alliance, providing airlines with high quality ‘ready to fly’ pilots.
You are in control. You make the choices.

Training with the Wings Alliance