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New Pilot Selection Day

New Pilot
Selection Day
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Your smarter route to employment as a commercial pilot.

The Wings Alliance is a trade association of the leading commercial aviation training schools in the UK and Europe, offering you a connected route to airline employment. Its operation is founded on the principles of honesty, quality and value, providing you with a cost effective and direct route to your career as a commercial pilot.

The Wings Alliance training path allows you to choose which of our member Flight Schools you attend, always with the assurance of Wings Alliance quality. Throughout your training the Alliance tracks your progress and liaises with both you and your chosen Flight School to ensure you are provided with the support to maximise your success throughout your training. You are in control, you make the training choices. Read more

“The Wings Alliance sounds like the best possible pilot training route, cost effective, high quality and with an established route to airline employment.” Current ATPL student

“I trained with a Wings Alliance member and now I work with Flybe as a First Officer. The Wings Alliance connected modular training route with an established route to airline employment is a brilliant model. It gives individuals a great and flexible alternative to the integrated training route.” Gareth, First Officer, Flybe

“I trained with a Wings Alliance member and only 2 months after completing my training I got my first flying job on corporate jets as a First Officer. Training through the modular route enabled me to study around my other commitments and pay my mortgage.” Laura, First Officer, flying corporate Jets



Wings Alliance is a new innovative initiative in aviation training designed to provide individuals wanting to become a commercial pilot with the opportunity to complete their EASA training through an alliance of ‘approved’, high quality, Flight Training Schools; creating a credible, cost-effective and supported route to airline employment.

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Why train with us?

We know that the most important thing to you is to complete your training successfully and get your first flying job. That is why we have developed the Wings Alliance model.

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